Viking Knife - Kvinnokniv - Twist

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Hand forged Viking feasting banquet knife with spiral in handle. All our kvinnoknivs are handmade in iron so slight variations in size and shape can occur.
Blade can be re-sharpened.

Size: 19cm long, 9cm blade, 10cm handle 
Approx. 90 grams

Traditional iron women’s knife (kvinnokniv) worn and used by Viking women for their daily chores, typically used to prepare food and work crafts.

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Out of stock
Sam Gordon
I'll knife ya'... Hand forged, blackened iron, really sharp, fancy, versatile.
I've eaten with it, carved with it, lent it to people, it's cut through everything from leather to pork, and it has still nicked me.
Its simple look may be off putting to some, but I for one like the sweeping lines of the hadle. Reminds me of the sea.

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