Yes, we can combine postage.
Yes, we will ship worldwide.
Yes, we do offer express service.
Yes, we can quote postage without you going through the checkout...
All you need to do is add products to your shopping cart and then select to view cart.
If you want a quick step by step then please read on.

How to use the built in shipping calculators

It can often be a mystery as to how much it will cost to have something shipped to you. Luckily, there are two, simple methods for calculating the exact costs! We use the Australia Post calculator where applicable and a variety of Couriers depending on location and need.

One method is for individual items, available inside every product page, and the other method is for the entirety of your purchase, available when viewing your cart.

METHOD 1. Individual Items

When looking at the product you wish to purchase, below the Add to Cart button there is a section that details the shipping rates. It is here that you can view the costs of shipping to the location of your choosing. For now, Bateau Bay is selected as the example location.

You may choose your location by clicking the House Icon. This will open a new window with a map for you to select a shipping location. Type in the address you wish to ship to into the search bar and then click OK.

The website will then calculate rates based on the location you just provided

You can view these rates by clicking the  Truck Icon, you will be shown a new window that details the shipping options available to the location you provided.

Here, for the example location Bateau Bay, there are 4 shipping options, each with their specific costs and methods. Each of these is for the item that is being viewed.

(You can change your location inside this window by clicking the House Icon)

Please note that if you only see one option, this means that there is only one shipping option for your location, usually for orders outside of Australia.

METHOD 2. Whole Purchase

This method is for when you have selected a few items and wish to view the shipping rates for your specific shopping cart. Here there is an example cart; a book, some sealing wax and a feather pen.

At the bottom of the screen, there is our subtotal for the value of the items and the shipping cost just below it.

By clicking the “Change” Button, you are provided with a screen for selecting a new shipping location. There are four drop down menus, for country, state/province, City and postal code. Once you have filled in these menus, click the Get rates button to receive a calculation.

Once you have set your location, you are provided a set of shipping methods that are available to you. Select your preferred shipping method by first clicking the bubble to the left, then clicking the Select Shipping Method. This will then close the window and update your cart to reflect your choice.

(You may change your shipping location inside this screen, but don’t forget to click Recalculate rates after changing anything in the drop down menus.)

After this, your rates are ready for checkout!

Hopefully this guide has remedied any concerns you may have had with our rate calculator. If problems still persist, don't be discouraged from contacting us further.