Brown Gambeson with detachable sleeves

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Padded gambeson or aketon for use in combat.

There are two types of gambeson; those designed to be worn beneath armour, and those designed to be worn as independent armour. The latter tend to be thicker and higher in the collar. For common soldiers who could not afford mail or plate armour, the gambeson, combined with a helmet as the only additional protection, remained a common sight on European battlefields during the entire Middle Ages.

Detachable sleeves which attach with lacing
Side lacing on body & wrist for comfortable fit
Cotton fasteners
Fawn linen lining
Olive/Brown quilted outer (colour may vary on different screens)


Sleeves (armpit to cuff): 48cm (19 inches)
Shoulder to lower hem: 97cm (38.25 inches)
Chest: 122cm to 154cm (48 inches to 60.63 inches)
Weight: 1.6 kg

Sleeves (armpit to cuff): 48cm (18.5 inches)
Shoulder to lower hem: 97cm (38.25 inches)
Chest: 118cm to 150cm (46.5 inches to 59.06 inches)
Weight: 1.6 kg

Sleeves (armpit to cuff): 47cm (19 inches)
Shoulder to lower hem: 97cm (38.25 inches)
Chest: 110cm to 140cm (43.25 inches to 55.12 inches)
Weight: 1.6 kg

Some of the eyelets on this gambeson are loose and may pull out with use. This will not affect the functionality of the gambeson. MFC recommend you add aglets to the laces for easier threading.

Don't be misguided by claims that heavier gambesons are better. Sure, more padding can equal more protection but more weight doesn't equal more padding. It can simply mean it is larger or longer or more cumbersome. An ideal combat gambeson is a balance between softening a blow and your movement. A gambeson that is overweight can impede your skill and prowess on the battlefield. When in doubt trust only MFC products or contact us for the full story. Our gambesons are not only better designed for re-enactors they are also far better value.

Other historical names for arming jackets are: gambeson, jupon, aketon, arming doublet, gambaison, acton, arming coat, cotte, auqueton, hacketon, zuparello, haqueton, pannzar, vapntreiyu, wambais, wambesium, wambuis or wambs.

noel lindsay
good quality adjustable to fit well, light weight moves easily

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