Celtic La Tène Shield Boss Umbo

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The La Tène Celtic shield was indeed a significant aspect of Celtic warfare and culture during the Iron Age, particularly in the La Tène period, which spanned roughly from the 5th century BCE to the 1st century BCE. These shields were iconic for their construction and design, serving as vital defensive tools for Celtic warriors across Europe.

Here are some key features and characteristics of the La Tène Celtic shield:

  1. Shape and Size: The shields were commonly large, oval, or rectangular in shape. This design provided ample coverage for the warrior, protecting them from various angles during combat. The size could vary, but they were generally large enough to provide effective protection without hindering mobility.
  2. Materials: La Tène Celtic shields were typically constructed from wood and reinforced with leather. The combination of these materials provided durability and flexibility in combat situations. The leather would often be stretched over the wooden frame, providing a resilient surface capable of absorbing impacts.
  3. Metal Buckles and Central Boss: Metal buckles were used to secure the leather covering to the wooden frame of the shield, ensuring it remained intact during battle. Additionally, a central boss, usually made of metal, was affixed to the front of the shield. This boss served multiple purposes, including reinforcement for the shield and as a focal point for deflecting blows. It also added structural integrity to the shield, making it more resistant to penetration.
  4. Reverse Side and Handhold: The reverse side of the shield typically featured one handhold. This allowed the warrior to firmly grip the shield during combat, providing stability and control. The handhold was strategically positioned to optimize maneuverability while maintaining a secure grip on the shield.
  5. Decorations and Symbolism: Some shields were adorned with intricate designs, symbols, or patterns, reflecting the cultural and artistic preferences of the Celtic tribes. These decorations often held symbolic significance, representing aspects of Celtic mythology, spirituality, or tribal identity.

Overall, the La Tène Celtic shield was a crucial defensive tool utilized by Celtic warriors during the Iron Age. Its distinctive design and construction reflected the ingenuity and craftsmanship of Celtic society, while its functionality made it an indispensable asset on the battlefield.

Length: 760 mm

Inner Diameter: 210 mm x 135 mm
Weight: 1030 grams

Height: 70 mm
Gauge: 1.4 mm thick
Material: Steel with brass finish

This boss is combat ready, safe and extremely durable.

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