Short Sleeve Gambeson

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Light padded short sleeved gambeson for use on its own or under chainmail and plate.

This gambeson is light-weight and slips easily over the head.
Approximately 5mm thick.

Sleeves (armpit to arm hem): 17cm
Sleeves (shoulder to arm hem): 26cm
Shoulder to thigh length: 104cm
Chest: 100cm
Weight: 800g

Sleeves (armpit to arm hem): 17cm
Sleeves (shoulder to arm hem): 28cm
Shoulder to thigh length: 106cm
Chest: 105cm
Weight: 800g

Sleeves (armpit to arm hem): 19cm
Sleeves (shoulder to arm hem): 30cm
Shoulder to thigh length: 109cm
Chest: 118cm
Weight: 800g

Extra Large
Sleeves (armpit to arm hem): 21cm
Sleeves (shoulder to arm hem): 30cm
Shoulder to thigh length: 113cm
Chest: 130cm
Weight: 800g

Made of cotton linen with light stuffing.

Don't be misguided by claims that heavier gambesons are better. Sure, more padding can equal more protection but more weight doesn't equal more padding. It can simply mean it is larger or longer or more cumbersome. An ideal combat gambeson is a balance between softening a blow and your movement. A gambeson that is overweight can impede your skill and prowess on the battlefield. When in doubt trust only MFC products or contact us for the full story. Our gambesons are not only better designed for re-enactors they are also far better value.

Other historical names for arming jackets are: gambeson, jupon, aketon, arming doublet, gambaison, acton, arming coat, cotte, auqueton, hacketon, zuparello, haqueton, pannzar, vapntreiyu, wambais, wambesium, wambuis or wambs.

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Jack Rogers
Well made if a bit tight in the arm pits. Bit of a warning though, the chest measurements seem, to be based on the outside, of the gambeson not the inside. Luckily I had bought the next size, up wanting to wear, my pickle barrel armour, under it so I can fit in it but, the armour has to go on top.
good design It's a nice light weight fabric and the white colour makes it a good gambeson for summer. The splits down the back and front make for easy movement.

The only changes I will make are a gap under each arm pit for movement and possibly a v neck to make shoulder and neck movement easier (though a truely perfect fit only comes with custom made).

All in all though, very happy with this purchase - just in time for the summer heat :)
Thanks again MFC

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