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This wax writing set is based on an authentic period design from the days of the Roman Empire. Romans wrote notes with a pointed bronze stylus by scratching them into wax, and protected them inside a case of wood. These tablets would come in pairs and would be pressed together for ease of transport and protection of the writing.

This beautiful writing set is faithfully recreated in hollowed out beechwood, featuring two beeswax writing surfaces and bronze stylus. The two halves of the tablet are bound together with leather thonging, which allows for the utensil to be folded closed when required. The bronze stylus features a pointed end, used for the inscription, and a flat, spade-like end; used for erasing the writing by smoothing down the wax and filling the marks left by the stylus.


Case Length: 19.8cm
Case Width (Closed): 11cm
Case Height (Closed): 2.5cm
Case Weight: 290g

Total Writing Area (Approx): 235cm^2

Stylus Length: 15.5cm
Stylus Weight:

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