Complete Wax Gift Set - Welsh Dragon

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In Welsh, the dragon is commonly referred to as "Y Ddraig Goch", which literally translates to "the red dragon". It's also sometimes known as the "dragon of Cadwalader". Cadwalader was a king in the Middle Ages who was one of the first people to use the red dragon we recognise today as their emblem.

The use of seals can be traced all the way back to the world's first civilizations, and have been found from Mesopotamia to the Indus Valley. These first seals were made with clay that was impressed with engraved cylinders or rings.

The use of wax seals, however, did not begin until the Middle Ages. At first they were the exclusive purview of monarchs, bishops, and royal courts for use in issuing official decrees and authenticating documents. The use of wax seals then gradually became more democratized, spreading from aristocrats, to monasteries and guilds (for example, butchers would sign agreements with a seal bearing the image of a hog or cow), and eventually to ordinary freemen by the 13th century.

This is a beautiful brass stamp with intricate filigree metal handle. It imprints a Welsh Dragon design.The gift set is beautifully presented in a wooden box for safe keeping.

Stamp face: 2.5cm approx.
Handle Length: 7cm
Total Length: 9cm

Wooden Box Contains:
1 x Wax Seal Stamp with a Welsh Dragon design
3 x Wax Sticks (Red/ Gold/ Silver)
2 x Lighting Candles
1 x Melting Spoon

Box measures (approx.) 15cm x 19cm x 4cm

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