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Anduril, the Flame of the West, the sword reforged. After Isildur's blade Narsil was broken in the War of the Last Alliance, its shards were taken back to Rivendell. Only in the Third Age, as the Fellowship left Rivendell, was the sword finally reforged into Anduril, and gifted to Aragorn as the last heir of Isildur. He wielded it against the forces of Sauron in the Battle of Pelennor fields and the assault on the Black Gate.

The Quenyan Inscription down the blade translates to "Sun. I am Andúril who was once Narsil, sword of Elendil. The slaves of Mordor shall flee from me. Moon"

Blade Length: 913 mm
Overall Sword Length: 1216 mm
Weight without scabbard: 1940 g
Scabbard Length: 994 mm
Weight with scabbard: 2505 g

Blade Material: Steel - Stainless
Handle Material: Steel with leather wrap
Scabbard: Leather with metal locket and chape

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