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Medieval nail - sold individually.

Weight: 12 grams
Length: 35mm
Head: 10mm

Please Note: All weights and lengths are approx. as each nail is handmade.

Clinching (sometimes spelled “clenching”) is when you drive a nail that passes through the wood you are fastening. The tip of this nail sticks out at least 15mm and is bent over and driven back into the wood.

Clinching adds remarkable strength to a joint. A study once concluded that clinching can increase the holding power of a nail between 45 percent and 464 percent – depending on a variety of factors, including the species of wood and its moisture content.

Also interesting: The study concluded that bending the tip across the grain increased the holding power by 20 percent compared to a nail clinched along the grain.

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In stock & ready to send
Wayne Robinson
45mm nails These nails are so good I bought a bag of 30. They have proper tapering shafts that are appropriate for up until the mid-18th century and well-formed heads still showing the marks from the smith's hammer. The metal is soft enough to clench easily but tough enough to not need pre-drilling. Supplied forge black, they still have some scale on them.

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