Burgundy Quilted Jacket

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A doublet was a style of garment worn in Europe from the late Middle Ages to around the mid 17th century. It originated in Spain and spread quickly to all of Europe, and was usually worn as an undergarment to a jerkin, overtunic, gown or mantle. It also doubled (pun intended) as quilted padding for armour, worn underneath a cuirass or hauberk to avoid chafing and bruising, much like a gambeson. It later evolved into being a fashion item in its own right, being decorated and presented as the main piece of one's outfit.

This doublet is of a herringbone quilting and of a burgundy colour. The thick quilting allows it to function as padding for armour, or as a warm, everyday soft-kit item. The style and cut of this doublet places it as an early variation, as later styles often cut into a v-shape at the hips.


Chest: 120cm

Length: 64cm
Sleeve length: 47cm

Chest: 125cm
Length: 65cm
Sleeve length: 48cm

Chest: 130cm

Length: 66cm
Sleeve length: 49cm

Extra Large
Chest: 138cm
Length: 68cm
Sleeve length: 51cm

Sizes General:

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