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Robin Hood is an iconic folk hero from English history. Often depicted as a champion of the downtrodden commoners, Robin was said to 'rob from the rich and give to the poor' with his arch nemesis being the corrupt Sheriff of Nottingham and would operate from his hideout in Sherwood forest with his 'band of merry men'.

This costume is inspired by the popular renditions of Robin Hood.

Costume DOES NOT include green feather, wooden bow and small quiver with arrows.
Material - cotton, spandex & polyester


HEIGHT: 105 - 122cm (average 115cm)
CHEST: 63cm
WAIST: 55cm
HIPS: 63cm

HEIGHT: 124 - 138cm (average 132cm)
CHEST: 67cm
WAIST: 59cm
HIPS: 75cm

HEIGHT: 139 - 151cm (average 144cm)
CHEST: 76cm
WAIST: 62cm
HIPS: 80cm


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