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Sleeveless Gambeson/Aketon/ Padded Jacket

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Padded sleeveless gambeson or aketon for use in armoured combat. Wear it over mail and under your tunic or simply on those hot summer training days.

This infantry sleeveless Gambeson was worn by knights and men-at-arms alike. The heavy quilted 100% cotton body makes it a great addition over a shirt of mail. It laces up from the waist to underarm on one side and then from the shoulder to the high collared neck. The lace holes are reinforced to ensure the laces do not pull through the gambeson. Also features 4 slits front & back and on both sides for flexible movement.
Gambeson thickness is approx 5mm

Shoulder to thigh length: 94cm (37'')
Chest: 117cm (46'')
Weight: 840g

Shoulder to thigh length: 96.5cm (38'')
Chest: 119.5cm (47'')
Weight: 840g

Shoulder to thigh length: 97.25cm (38.5'')
Chest: 124.5cm (49'')
Weight: 860g

Xtra Large
Shoulder to thigh length: 99cm (39'')
Chest: 127cm (50'')
Weight: 880g

Don't be misguided by claims that heavier gambesons are better. Sure, more padding can equal more protection but more weight doesn't equal more padding. It can simply mean it is larger or longer or more cumbersome. An ideal combat gambeson is a balance between softening a blow and your movement. A gambeson that is overweight can impede your skill and prowess on the battlefield. When in doubt trust only MFC products or contact us for the full story. Our gambesons are not only better designed for re-enactors they are also far better value.

Other historical names for arming jackets are: gambeson, jupon, aketon, arming doublet, gambaison, acton, arming coat, cotte, auqueton, hacketon, zuparello, haqueton, pannzar, vapntreiyu, wambais, wambesium, wambuis or wambs.

Brilliant!!!!! Just got this gambeson. Absolutely fantastic. Very comfortable. Colour is brilliant.
Fit for a Nobleman Excellent fit and finish on this item, deep rich colour. comfortable and nice fitting around the collar,worth every cent. Great for training or to wear everyday.
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