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This close helmet is typical of the European knights who jousted during the Middle ages. This helmet is typical of the types in use in the late 15th century.

This helm has a round crown with a ridge-like crest at the top which provides additional support and deflection. The helmet also features an articulated visor which sports decorative cut-outs to assist with ventilation.

Jousting, is a martial competition between two mounted knights. Points were scored by means of a strike or break of the lance on the other knight, or by unhorsing him completely. Knights usually jousted in a best-out-of-three system.

The first recorded tournament was staged in 1066 but jousting did not gain in widespread popularity until the 14th century. It maintained its status as a popular European sport until the late 16th century.

This helmet also comes with a padded insert.


Brow: approx. 660mm
Face Opening Width: 192mm
Neck: approx. 520mm
Crest: 50mm
Total Height: 380mm
Weight: 2837g

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