Battle helm - Milanese Bellows Visor

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A true hand forged and finished work of art!

"Milanese" is the descriptive term for Italian armor of the 15th Century characterized by an organic, rounded line. Milanese armors are generally made from larger plates than their Gothic German counterparts; as well as having little fluting, and more curvaceous shapes. The Italians fancied the flow that these rounded edges gave the helm.

This Milanese style visored sallet of Italian origin was also known to be used in the army of Henry VIII by his Earl of Northumberland's guard of halberdiers. (See Osprey book on Henry VIII armies (MAA-191) for more details.)

This is a tough, robust reproduction of the 15th Century Milanese Helmet with an articulated bellows face visor plate.

We believe this to be suitable for SCA combat: - A secondary non historical visor clip or strap would be required.

Includes basic internal padding and chin straps. Comes in a Polished Finish.

$10 Helmet Stand: By ordering this helmet, you can add a specialised helmet stand at a discounted price of $10! Simply add the helmet stand to your cart and the discount will be applied in the checkout!

Internal Circumference: 690mm (27")
Height: 330mm (13")
Gauge: 16ga (1.6mm)
Weight: 3.2kg

Combat Rating: 10 out of 10

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Rod Walker
Verified purchase
I purchased this helmet to use in a tournament in France. I replaced the visor hook and the padded liner before I used it. It fit very well and proved to be rock solid! The poll axes that were used in France were not overly blunt and I took a full power strike from the spike that drove me to my knees and this helmet only suffered a shallow dent. I also used it in the USA as a jousting helmet in the solid lance US style, and once again it held up perfectly. A good solid helmet with a nice shape.
Daniel McCormick
A great helmet. Very sturdy.

It has surprisingly good visibility. The eye slit is rather narrow, but the visor holes allow enough visibility to avoid bumping into things or tripping over when stuff is below the eye slit's sight line. Lifting the visor will, of course, remove the issue entirely. The visor also stays up, unlike some helmets I've worn. The lock is pretty secure, so it doesn't rattle or move when it's closed.

Much more comfortable than expected. It leaves a good range of motion for my neck, even when paired with a high-collared gambeson and gorget. The liner is fairly well padded, but I'd suggest wearing an arming cap underneath to get a better fit and for the sake of general comfort. Very easy to breathe in, well ventilated.

The weight is acceptable. Not much to say there. It's not a plastic toy or flimsy replica, but it's not as heavy as you might expect.

The only issue I had was the chin strap. It had to be modified to fit comfortably, but that took all of a couple of minutes.

Overall, probably my favorite historical helmet I own. Looks good on display, looks great as part of my armor, and I'm confident it will stand up to anything I can reasonably throw at it.
Joshua Blythe
I'm glad to see these back in stock, they're a good helm for the price. As an SCA fighter I was very hesitant about buying a closed face helm online after a bad experience with an off the shelf German Sallet which severely hampered my vision.

After talking to my good friend Jack who has the exact same helm and trying it on for myself I was convinced it was the ideal helm for me, It arrived within a week and I was not disappointed.

If being used for SCA combat I would advise to add some extra padding, remove the hook attachment that keeps the visor down and replace with a leather strap and buckle (an "SCA-ism" I know)

Overall I am very pleased with this helm, I have no issues at all with weight, construction, appearance and of course vision.
Amazing! So, so good! Surprising amount of visibility and it's a solid helmet! Also impressed by the weight!
Only thing is, it leaves little if no room for the gorget I had. Still amazing.
Fantastic helm! I admit I was a little nervous ordering this helm, as all other bellows helms I have tried on have pressed up against my (rather large) nose.
However I am happy to say that this is one of THE best off the shelf products I have in my armoury.
The construction is very solid (have tried some full swings whilst wearing the helm) and not likely to fall apart, the visor clip is likewise very good.
The back of the neck plate is articulated which makes it very comfortable to wear and the vision is superb fo such a narrow vision slot.
My only criticism is that the chin strap buckle could be a little better, but next to the rest of the helm this is nothing.

I am very pleased with this helm and I would definatly recommend this helm to any full contact fighting group.
Very happy MFC, awesome job!