Imperial Roman Scutum - Linen

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The shield is made of wood, has a hand-painted linen cover on the front and is reinforced with narrow wooden slats on the back.

This scutum is white with brass edging - the brass boss is too thin for combat use.

It is perfect for costuming or for a collector to mount with a Roman collection of weapons.

The curved shape of a scutum allowed it to absorb (and deal) heavy blows, while the sides sloped away from the attacker, allowing arrows and enemy blows to glance off without transmitting the full force of the impact to the legionary sheltering behind it. The boss in the centre of the shield (the umbo), constructed either from copper alloy (brass or bronze) or iron, was itself used offensively, being heavy and dense enough to stun or wind an opponent.

The scutum was commonly used by centurions of the legions.

Please note: Upon delivery, the boss will not be attached, some assembly required. Boss and screws included.

Height: 107 cm
Width: 60 cm
Curve depth: 25 cm

Weight: 5 kg

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