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This extensively detailed Viking sword is a recreation of an original 9th century burial find from Hedeby (Haithabu) in Denmark. The original sword hilt is in very good condition and its numerous etched symbols and knotwork make it stand out as a finely crafted sword for its time - it was likely the sword of a Danish noble, chieftain or champion who stared down the borders of the nearby Carolingian Empire.

This replica has a forged and tempered blade of high carbon steel. The well-cast guard and pommel are of brass and recreate the highly detailed etched symbols of the original. The grip is hardwood which is bound in tight and stitched red leather. Included with the sword is a scabbard of wood which is tightly wrapped in red leather and completed with antiqued and highly detailed brass fittings and a hanging loop of brass which allow for you to wear the sword with your own baldric or belt.


Total Length: 900 mm
Blade Length: 730 mm
Grip Length: 110 mm
Crossguard Width: 135 mm
Edge Thickness: 1.6 mm
Metal belt loop Length: 125 mm
Metal belt loop Internal length: 65mm
Scabbard Length: 765 mm

Blade Material: High Carbon Steel
Handle Material: Leather wrapped hardwood
Scabbard: Leather wrapped hardwood
with brass fittings

Weight: 1500 g
Scabbard Weight: 394 g

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