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The Seax is your best friend; it is your cutting edge, hunting knife, feasting cutlery, your status symbol and, perhaps most importantly, your close-quarters weapon of choice. It just wouldn't be prudent to go anywhere without one.

This seax in particular, a Scramaseax, is a seax of shorter length. It features a pointed, single edge blade, a hardwood grip and enameled brass decorated pommel. It also comes with a supple leather sheath. The design on the pommel is of a Gaelic Triquetra, a symbol associated with anything three-fold: the triple goddess, the life and death cycle; even the passage of time. A truly lovely design, and while this seax is a flagrant flaunt of wealth, it also remains a steadfast, practical sidearm.

To make this blade suitable for reenactment combat, we at MFC recommend further blunting of the edge and the point.


Total Length: 410 mm
Blade Length: 250 mm
Grip Length: 103 mm
Blade Width: 43 mm

Sheath Length: 300 mm
Sheath Width:
57 mm

Scramaseax Weight: 0.44 kg
Scabbard Weight:
0.07 kg

Blade Material: Steel - High Carbon
Scabbard Material: Leather

Grip Material: Hardwood

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