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The cutlass is best known as the pirate's or sailor's weapon of choice. A naval side-arm, its popularity was likely because it was not only robust enough to hack through heavy ropes, canvas, and wood, but short enough to use in relatively close quarters, such as during boarding actions, in the rigging, or below decks.

This stylised cutlass has numerous nautical and pirate icons and motifs across its entirety with embossed motifs on the ends of the scabbard which features a mottled synthetic leather along its length and the basket hilt cage decorated with the appearance of rigging and a female figurehead (wooden decoration found on the front of a sailing ship).

Overall length (with scabbard): 775 mm
Blade length: 560 mm
Grip length: 150 mm
Weight of sword: 885 g
Weight of scabbard: 290 g

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