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Gladiators were Rome's favoured warriors - fighting in the arena against all manner or opponents, from unarmed prisoners to be executed to hungry and provoked wild animals. They needed the right kit to fight, and the gladius was a classic sword style of the time. Perfect for thrusting through armour and deep into flesh, the gladius could inflict grievous wounds, and when paired with a shield, it was the master of close quarters fighting.

This gladius in particular combines both the effectiveness of a gladius with the aesthetic focus of the Roman period. The red polymer handle is adorned with decorative painted metal, as is the red faux-leather scabbard. The Chi-Ro symbol appears on the scabbard, a mark of value and wealth. The blade has been styled to resemble the folding patterns of Damascus Steel.


Total Length: 710 mm
Blade Length: 450 mm
Guard Width: 80 mm
Grip Length: 120 mm
Weight: 0.92 kg
Scabbard Length: 0.58 mm
Scabbard Weight: 0.74 kg

Blade Material: Metal - Stainless
Scabbard Material: Faux leather with metal adornments

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