Spanish Thrust Rapier

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The design of this Spanish Thrust cup-hilt rapier is based on the 16th-century Spanish swordsmanship. Spanish rapiers were known for their enclosed form of hilt called the cup hilt, which was primarily designed as a dueling sword. Although the cup-hilt rapier was occasionally carried into battle, it was not intended for military use. High-quality examples were typically made for gentlemen and used as dueling rapiers. The cup is intricately decorated with scrolled designs, and the cross guard has a twisted, spiral form.

Crafted with exquisite attention to detail, this rapier is a true work of art that any swordsman would be proud to wield. But don't let its beauty fool you - this rapier is built to handle the toughest battles. Its durable construction and expert craftsmanship make it a reliable and deadly weapon that can stand up to any opponent.

So why let it gather dust in a museum? Take it to the battlefield and show off your style and skill with this gorgeous pierced Cup-hilt Rapier. It's the perfect weapon for any swordsman who wants to make a statement and win their battles with style. 

Over Length: 1100 mm
Net weight: approx 490 grams
Unique Damascus blade detail
Softer Blade 25 Ashore Density.
Flexible Durable Foam Made
Great Balance Point.
Fiber Glass Core Inside with Safe and durable Tip Protection
Live Action Role Play (LARP) safety Approved

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Wayne Dingle
Got this as I loved the design of it goes really well with my Conquistador kit. The level of detail on it is excellent and it easily holds to the regular use involved in a Live Action Battlegame LARP. Very happy with it.

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