300 Spartan Shield - Rubber COSPLAY

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The Spartan army stood at the center of the Spartan state, whose citizens were trained in the discipline and honor of the warrior society. Subject to military drill from early manhood, the Spartans were one of the most feared military forces in the Greek world.

In the Spartan army losing a shield was a sign of disgrace and mothers encouraged their sons to either come home with their shield or on it.

Our range of foam rubber weapons are made of soft and durable polyurethane rubber. These have been designed for COSPLAY or for anyone who wants to play at sword fighting without the risk of serious injury.

Our Spartan shield is designed to be used for COSPLAY or with foam rubber weapons. It has two strong elastic straps and can be worn on the arm.

Shield diameter: 450mm
Strap Length: 220mm
Weight: 490

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