Dolabra - Roman Pickaxe

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This Roman Pick Axe is also known as Dolabra, it is both a weapon and a tool. This is a replica of an original found in Southern England.

It features a thick, heavy wood shaft that supports a broad, long axe-like head. One end of the axe-head features a thin, squared blade that is ideal for heavy hacking motions, while the other end features a curved, blade-like spike. It comes with a brass blade guard which is secured by a leather thong.

Deepeeka claim it is battle ready but Fight Club are yet to test it.

Can be used for costume dressing.


Total Length: 760mm
Total Head Width: 465mm
Blade Length: 196mm
Blade Span: 73mm
Spike Length: 206mm
Blade Thickness: 6mm - 9mm
Haft Dimentions: 45mm x 25mm
Weight: 1930g


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