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Please Note: The black cover for this knife may be dust or slightly damaged.

The Machete has always been first and foremost a tool - something sharp to hack and carve ropes or thickets. Naturally, this usage progressed onto the hacking and carving of people as well. The origin of the word is thought to be from machaera, which is the Roman name for the falcata.

When used as a weapon of war, the machete essentially functions as a long blade for primary or secondary use. Many historical uprisings and militias have used the machete in this regard. Nowadays, the machete has reverted back to its origin as a tool for use in the yard, wood working or agriculture.

However, this need not prevent us from making them look as good as possible. In particular, this machete features a stylish curve with red edge marking, a serrated lower edge for extra utility, an ergonomic cord wrapped handle and handy strapped nylon sheath for practicality.

Overall length: 600 mm
Blade length:  430 mm

Hilt Length:  155 mm
Sheath Length: 630 mm
Machete Weight: 470 g

Blade Material: Metal - Stainless
Handle Material: Cord wrap
Sheath : Black Nylon

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