TiPi (TeePee) Tent - Large

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Small Tipi (Tepee or Teepee) style tent. Styled after the traditional Finnish lapland tent however it is more commonly associated as a Tipi design from the North Americas.

The material is to go over a frame structure that is erected first. The structure is made by using natural timbers from tree saplings lashed together using a tripod rope method. In this picture we have used 5 but you could use more of a thinner pole. Poles not supplied.

Wall Height: 275cm (not including structure)
Floor Diameter: 180cm
Entrance Diameter: 75cm
Tent Canvas Weight: 8.5kg

Includes awning flap to close off the elements.

Sioux tipi, watercolor by Karl Bodmer, ca. 1833

The word "tipi" comes into English from the Lakota language; the word thípi [ˈtʰipi] consists of two elements: the verb thí, meaning "to dwell", and a pluralising enclitic (a suffix-like ending that marks the subject of the verb as plural), pi, and means "they dwell". Read more on Wikipedia.

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