Wooden printing block (large) - Rosette

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Wooden printing block (10cm)  - Rosette

This 10cm wooden printing block in rosette design is a great standalone print for any sewing project, but also makes a great companion to the larger roundel shaped prints and is sized to fit between the roundels of that design. 

Block printing is a simple and effective way of decorating just about any fabric of your choice. Historic examples from Late Antiquity and Medieval contexts include Sassanian silk prints from Quedlinburg, Germany (6th~7th century CE), Moshchevaya Balka, North Western Caucasus (8th century CE) and Chernigov, Ukraine (10th~12th century CE). 


Length: 10cm
Length diagonal: 14cm
Depth: 2cm

See a sample we made using these blocks

FREE BLOCK: Purchase this large rosette block and a Chernigov block print and receive a triangular (half) rosette for free.

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