Celtic Wristband TORC

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A torc is an ancient Celtic form of neck ring often made from a single piece or from strands twisted together. Torcs are found in many cultures from the European Iron Age from around 8th century BCE to the 3rd century CE.

A gold torc seems to have identified the wearer as a person of high rank for the Iron Age Celts. This torc is made from brass and based on a buffer-type found in France.

Wrist Torc measures: 70mm (2.75") x 75mm (3")
Circumference (Minimum):  20cm internal
Weight: 92g approx.
Metal: Brass

Please note that the above measurements of the torc are default sizes, the torc is adjustable and should bend ONCE to fit the wearer.

Never bend your torc when taking it on and off. You may need to do it the first time but take great care. Flexing of the metal can cause a lot of stress and your torc may break. When you bend metal it tends to harden and become brittle. You may have experienced this first hand if you have ever wanted to break off a piece of wire for something and you did this by bending it back and forth until it broke. The same thing can happen to a torc. Find the fleshy part at the front of your wrist. It is a few centimeters down between your bones. Place one end of the torc there and push it into your flesh as you slip/roll the rest of the torc around the back of your wrist. Simply repeat this to remove. It is not exactly a comfortable procedure but it will prolong the life of your torc.

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