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The Draco, (plural Dracones) was a military standard carried into battle by Roman cavalry. Equipped by the Draconarius, the Draco is the standard of the cohort, like how the eagle was the standard of the legion.

It resembles a snake or dragon in flight, best represented as the horse carrying it is in motion, the long flag attached to the brass head flapping about whilst in motion. A soft whistling is said to be heard as air is forced through the chute.

This Draco is exquisitely crafted, each scale, frill and tooth entirely forged in brass and expertly decorated. There is a socket at the bottom to allow for attaching a pole. The flag is red and tubular, with yellow triangular adjuncts spaced along the length to represent the wings of the dragon. It attaches to the dragon head by slipping over the socket and shortening the drawstring.

It is a faithful recreation that is perfect to complete your Roman re-enactment.

Note: The Draco is the head and the flag only. NO POLE INCLUDED.


Head Length: 300 mm
Head Width
: 152 mm
Head Depth: 162 mm

Flag Length: 2.18 m
Pole Socket Diameter: 32 mm

Head Weight: 0.75 kg
Flag Weight:
0.3 kg

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