Empty Potion Flask PINK

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Remember guys, the red potion heals you, but the green one sets things on fire. Wait... or was it the other way around?

A fantasy story or LARP isn't complete without at least one or two mystical concoctions knocking about. Whether they're protective, poisonous, or just plain wacky is up to the potion brewer. This particular potion flask is tinted pink, which could either be a helpful hint to the nature of its effect, or a devious misdirection by a pernicious potion master.

In any case, it comes with a handy faux leather harness and attachment point, allowing easy access for quaffing or chucking, whichever you may need.


Height: 80 mm
Weight (including belt holder): 23 g
Capacity: ~100ml

Material: Pink Plastic

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