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Please note: This sword has a reduced price due to a defect with the pommel.
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This sword is from the popular cult movie series Highlander. It is wielded by The Kurgan.

The Kurgan was a powerful Immortal, and was once a contender to win The Prize. Throughout his life, he caused much destruction and chaos, killing, raping, and thieving. He took the heads of many Immortals throughout his three thousand years of life, until his death at the hands of Connor MacLeod in 1985.

This is a massive two handed sword.


Overall length: 1260 mm
Blade length: 950 mm

Grip length: 265 mm

Cross guard width: 265 mm

Display Board: 37.5cm x 25cm

Weight: 2.38kg
Blade Material: Steel - Stainless
Handle Material: Leather
Plaque: Wooden

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