Now hiring historical props directly from Warriors Wardrobe

You can now hire direct, please visit warriors wardrobe and see if the items you need are already available before making contact. Yes we have a lot more than we have listed so if you cannot find it, then it is probably worth asking Warriors Wardrobe.

Do you need equipment and props for your production or to bring your story board to life but don't need the hassle of owning it all? Then you need to hire historical gear, tools, armour, & weapons from the experts in this field. We probably have what you need for any medieval, ancient or fantasy production. Even if you don't see it on our website, just ask, we have an extra warehouse space full of hire gear. We also have a creative team and in some cases will make what you need.

Please fill out the following form to the best of your ability and we will get a realistic quote out to you. Please note except for very special circumstances, this service is generally only available within Australia.

Note: Time frames are as follows
1 day = From any time after 10am until any time before 10am the following day.
1 week = Same as 1 day but for 7 days.

We can provide and on site armourer who can modify equipment on the fly to fit with your valuable talent, all without risking your deposit.

See here for more information