A note about the quality to expect from MFC

Something to bear in mind. MFC strives to bring you the very best combination of affordability, usability and durability. This can be a challenging balancing act. We try our hardest to continually deliver the best in overall value.

Hand made nature
Wholesale direct to you
Delivery & timeframe
Customer support

Hand made

Most of our products are handmade. Being handmade there may be slight imperfections. Even two pieces that are sold as the same thing may bear slight differences. We can't do anything about this - it is the nature of handmade things. Yes some parts of our weapons are machined but still assembled and finished by hand, some pieces are cast and hand polished, our wooden products, our journals, our horns, our leatherwork, our clothing, our tents, all created by hand.

Being hand made is what sets our range apart from products you would buy in a shopping mall and what makes us unique.

Wholesale direct

Please remember Fightclub is wholesale direct - we don't have a showroom - this allows us to keep our prices as low as possible for you to enjoy the savings. We store our products in a large distribution warehouse and in most cases our products are not on display - some are coated in oil & grease for protection, some are wrapped in plastic, some are bagged, some are boxed, while others are not.

There is no middle man. We are either the manufacturer or we work directly with the manufacturer to bring the products to you.
Delivery & time-frames

We always aim to send your parcel on the same or the next day. Our warehouse strives to meet your expectations for delivery time-frames & package quality but if these are unrealistic - it certainly makes it very difficult for our team.

We use third party postage and transportation services and cannot undertake guarantees for their speed or quality of service.

Customer support

The team at Fight Club is diverse, each person has different skills and responsibilities. We have a toll free phone line (1300 768 068) so you can leave us a message and we will call you back. For the best response use email. The right person will be able to send you an email response ASAP. If someone hasn't responded during business hours in a timely fashion, then it is probably because of a combination of factors. We are not ignoring you and would never just ignore you. Feel free to send us a second email, but keep in mind we will likely answer your original email first and then we will get to the second email later in the sequence.

There is no priority access to our team, if you call or use social media and we are in the middle of doing something for other customers who contacted us first (even by email) then we will complete our tasks for them and get back to you as soon as we can.

We think this is the fairest and most honest we can be with our customers. Try us and you will find that we are professional in every regard.

Your satisfaction is important and we understand that you want to let us know...

Before contacting us please pause and consider if the issue you are concerned about is due to the nature of the product being handmade and/or the conditions of storage or postage. Please don't fire off a nasty, demanding email to us - consider the above and talk to us rationally and we will do our best to help.