Why would we destroy our stock? Simple answer is so that we can give you the usual and expected honest feedback that MFC is known for.

Not all that glitters is gold, sometimes, in fact quite often equipment sold by merchants of medieval gear that has been made on the cheap is not up the required task. We really understand the needs of our customers and are always improving our range but occasionally one slips by. So we decided we would start testing products that we are often asked about and see if they are suitable for the task that they are said to.

If you want to see how well other things perform then let us know via our Facebook page. If your request is frequent or common then we will do it.

Please note: Even when we destroy items completely you will notice how far each item lasted before a critical failure.

Saxon Helmet with grill

You will note how the domes hold up reasonably well under normal situations, however the thing to be weary of are the hidden welds. These welds are not good enough to save your precious head when in combat. A point on the final destruction test, we do not recommend standing in the path of a 200kg falling rock. No helmet will help you survive that, so stand clear of big catapults and trebuchets.

Products seen in this video:
Saxon Helmet - see here
Rattan - see here
Practical Sword - see here
Axe - see here