Measuring instructions: - Watch the video below and follow the steps to estimate your foot length. Once you know your foot length, then for additional confirmation look at the table below and print the corresponding document to check. If the printed document matches then you can select shoes that match our simplified sizes, alternatively check a size larger or smaller respectively.

If you have followed the above method carefully you should be able to order a pair of shoes that will fit you. However, if you have made a mistake then please know that you are welcome to send them back and try another size. Confused? Then please contact us.
Length Size Printable Approx Size conversions
230mm A -- AU 4 - US 5
240mm B -- AU 4.5 - US 5.5
250mm C -- AU 5.5 - US 6.5
260mm D -- AU 7 - US 8
270mm E -- AU 8 - US 9
280mm F -- AU 9 - US 10
290mm G -- AU 10 - US 11
300mm H -- AU 11.5 - US 12.5
310mm I -- AU 13 - US 14
320mm J -- AU 14 - US 15
Please note: documents are designed to be printed on A4 paper.

Q. Why has Fight Club made a custom measuring system?
A. There are two main reasons.
i. We stock our shoes from all over the world and they don't come as a standard or compatible size that can be trusted.
ii. Some styles may look bigger to the untrained eye, however, pointy toes, flat heels, and even internal stitching can make the shoe smaller than modern shoes made to the same measurements.

Q. How do I find the shoes that are my size?
A. You can either look at the name of the shoe where we will have included a brief code with the size in it. If you see a shoe type with the size (Size E) it will translate to size length "E". Alternatively you can browse through the size category, which are sorted first by width and then by length.

Q. Can I just guess my size based on my modern shoes?
A. Of course you can. However if you want to get the best fit and to avoid paying for unnecessary postage then we would strongly urge you to follow the method and work it out properly.

Old fashioned shoe size guide copied from Wikipedia. It is here as a reference only, we do not recommend estimating your size from this guide.