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A sword from a lake - could it be Excalibur?

Well, not quite. This sword was found in a lake, yes, but not in fair Albion. This was found in Neuenberg, Switzerland and was dated to the 12th century. It is a standard single-handed arming sword, save for the as of yet undeciphered etchings along the fuller. To modern English eyes, the markings resemble "NnSD", and are flanked either side by two catholic crosses. As to what this may mean is anyone's guess.

This recreation of the Neuenburg Lake Sword has carbon steel blade, with a broad, steel crossguard and round pommel, with a bound leather grip. This version of the blade also comes with a dyed blue scabbard (matching the grip), upon which a two-strap baldric is attached.

To make this blade suitable for reenactment combat, we at MFC recommend further blunting of the edge and the point.


Total Length: 833 mm
Blade Length: 660 mm
Grip Length: 98 mm
Blade Width: 60 mm

Scabbard Length: 713 mm
Scabbard Width:
82 mm

Sword Weight: 1.53 kg
Scabbard Weight:
0.57 kg

Blade Material: Steel - High Carbon
Scabbard Material: Leather

Grip Material: Leather bound

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