Roman Tunic and Shorts

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Made from a heavy durable cotton.

SMALL (suitable for a slender teen or child)

Total Length (Top of soulder to Bottom Hem): 88.5cm
Neck Circumference: 51cm
Sleeve Opening Circumference: 44cm
Chest Circumference: 122cm
Waist Circumference: 95cm
Bottom Hem Circumference: 110cm
Shorts - 
Total Length (Waistline to Knee): 57cm
Max Waist Circumference: 93cm
Max Knee Circumference: 39cm
Waist to Crotch: 30cm


Total Length (Top of soulder to Bottom Hem): 91cm
Neck Circumference: 55cm 
Sleeve Opening Circumference: 46cm   
Chest Circumference: 132cm
Waist Circumference: 102cm
Bottom Hem Circumference: 116cm 
Shorts - 
Total Length (Waistline to Knee): 62cm
Max Waist Circumference: 100cm
Max Knee Circumference: 43cm
Waist to Crotch: 31cm


Total Length (Top of soulder to Bottom Hem): 94cm
Neck Circumference: 56cm 
Sleeve Opening Circumference: 46cm
Chest Circumference: 142cm
Waist Circumference: 111cm
Bottom Hem Circumference: 124cm
Shorts - 
Total Length (Waistline to Knee): 64cm
Max Waist Circumference: 103cm
Max Knee Circumference: 45cm
Waist to Crotch: 31cm

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