Fempro - XENA Chest Protector Level 2 Size L

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The Xena Female chest armour is the ultimate in sleek, lightweight and comfortable shock protection. The soft foam is a perfect shock absorber for hard impacts from extreme sports like combat. It fits well under jackets, shirts, but can be worn anywhere it fits.

The foam used is viscoelastic, acting much like "silly-putty" such that it is naturally soft and malleable, yet immensely durable and hard when under impact or duress. This property is what makes the Fempro armour so comfortable and form-fitting without sacrificing any protection whatsoever.

The material protects via three stages: shock absorption, shock delay, shock dissipation.
Firstly, when impacted by a force the material compresses and hardens, locking into place. This absorbs the shock from the impact.
Impacts are more deadly when the force is applied over a short time. This is why the mechanical nature of the foam delays the shock, reducing the amount of energy that enters your body.
Lastly, after the initial impact, the foam expands and resets to its original shape. This acts to dissipate the energy from the impact, and away from you.

Lightweight - the Xena Level 2 weighs only 530g
Durable - This armour has a 10 year life expectancy
Temperature Resistant - The foam can withstand temperatures of 100°C without damage
and works efficiently at low temps
Environmentally Friendly - Made with renewable resources and can be broken down after its life
Hydrophobic - This makes the armour hand-washable, as the foam's structure naturally repels water

Length: 283 mm
Width: 304 mm
Height: 13 mm
Cup Size: Approx. D-G

Weight: 530 g

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