Brown Padded Coif

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Padded & quilted coif - the perfect addition to any re-enactor or medievalist's garb.

This coif - arming cap - provides great protection for the head, neck, top of chest & top of the back.

Can be worn on its own or underneath a mail coif.

Looks great under a kettle hat helm or any other helmet you choose.

Outer is constructed of brown linen.

One size fits all.

Face opening circumference measures 60cm (23.5 inches)

50cm high x 47cm wide

Please note that not all coifs are equal while you might find cheaper coifs available they are designed as costume or head pieces only and not suitable for combat support.

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Jamie Clarke
Verified purchase
Great quality. I have a large head so I found it a nice snug fit and I had no issue of slipping as others have mentioned. Impossible for me to wear with a helmet unfortunately.
Thord, Twin River Guard
Whorth buying Although I found this hood could have thicker padding on the top it is an adequate compromise for it's price. For those in the colder climates you will find that this hood keeps your head warm even with a fairly brisk chill wind. It sits well on the shoulders and provides enough padding for wear under chain armour.
GOOD HOOD! I like this hood purely for aesthetic reasons, not being a reanactor I display the coif over a head bust and it looks cool, fits well too.
Stops neck grease but slips slightly Made as well as all of the other coifs sold here. A nice compromise between heavy and light padding.

This coif is fantastic in that it stops maille grease getting on your neck. For this reason I suggest it. It also acts as a very light neck protection

Lacking the ties of the other coifs this one slides slightly more and may move into your vision during combat. I have not had significant problems with this but i have noticed it before. (straps wouldn't be too hard to add anyway).

I do not regret my purchase and recommend it, I'd purchase myself a second one if it came in a non black colour,

For all of the coifs there isn't much forehead protection, which may be personal preference.
Glen Benson
Comfortable and sturdy Great construction on this one, certainly makes a mail coif much more comfortable. I would suggest this as a purchase with any mail coif or great helm.