Bascinet - Pigface visor LARGE

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The great bascinet was developed from the bascinet helm; a shorter egg-shaped helmet. Earlier versions equipped with mail protection for the throat and neck were later replaced with plates, while the back of the helmet's skull was extended to cover the neck. The face would have been protected by a detachable, rounded visor pierced with numerous holes for sight and ventilation. Bascinets or great bascinets were the first helmets to be worn with complete suits of plate armour, and were used in battle up until the last decades of the Hundred Years War (1337-1453) between England and France.

This is an early bascinet design and best suited for 14thC (1300~1390)

This visor has hinges at either side, and the visor can be removed by pins allowing it to be worn as a sallet. Sallets were generally shallow in form and covering only the upper half of the face, this sallet has a deep profile so it sits low on the face similar to Barbutes and Bascinets.

Combat ready, this handmade helmet comes with light padding and leather chin strap already fitted. This is a very well designed and constructed piece. Unlike many other 'off the shelf' helmets available this one was actually built from historical patterns, specifically for use in Re-enactment combat and is not just a thicker version of inferior collector helmets.

$10 Helmet Stand: By ordering this helmet, you can add a specialised helmet stand at a discounted price of $10! Simply add the helmet stand to your cart and the discount will be applied in the checkout!


Internal Circumference: 700mm  (27.8")
Height: 260mm (10.25")
Weight: 3.3kg
Gauge: 2mm (14swg)

Combat Rating: 9 out of 10

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Mungo of the Rock
Excellent roomy helm, good visibility I was delighted when I unpacked this helm a few months ago with the finish and design. Now after putting it to use I find the visibility to be surprisingly good, and the level of protection superb.

I have a big head (63cm), so finding a helm that fits with SCA level padding is hard. This fits the bill! The only downside is it's a little shallow, requiring a bevor for lower jaw protection. Ultimately just another excuse to wear more plate! :)