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The Barbute helmet circa 1460 is a prime example of the true genius of early Italian helm smiths! The Barbute style helmet provided visibility so crucially needed in battle while providing protection of the neck. The Barbute was developed in the late 14th century as a helmet for footsoldiers, and was widely used in Italy. It is probably a development of the Bascinet, usually designed to be worn without a mail aventail. The Barbute was common in Italy from the last quarter of the 14th century to the last quarter of the 15th century.

Is fully padded with good chin strap and is ready to go.

External Circumference: 690mm
Internal Circumference: 670mm

Weight: 2kg
Gauge: 1.6mm
Metal Finish: Polished

Combat Rating: 10 out of 10

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In stock & ready to send
Jamie Clarke
Verified purchase
Sturdy and of good quality, my only negative would be how shallow it is. Didn't expect my lower jaw to be exposed while wearing
Administrator reply
Yes a Barbute helm would normally be worn with a gorget/bevor to protect the throat and jaw.
Excellent helm Fantastic barbute helm - great visibility and breathing and a nice light helm compared to some of the full face/visored varieties.

The padding is also excellent and really quite comfortable.

Highly recommended!

At the same price!