Aluminium Mail Haubergeon Riveted - Medium

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Aluminium chainmail made from 9mm riveted links. Every single link has been hand riveted and unlike other riveted mail this is as durable and lightweight. Aluminum may look very shiny and therefore it is important to have riveted for that authentic look.

Size: Medium
Links: 9mm Riveted
Length: 820mm (32.25 inches)
Sleeve: 280mm (underarm) (11 inches)
Girth: 1060mm ~ 1100mm (42- 43 inches)
Weight: 5.4kg

Made from 16 gauge (1.5mm diameter) wire. Light weight but it is 100% combat ready.

Mail was invented some time in the mid 1st millenium BC, but it is unknown where and by whom it was first used. Several patterns of linking the rings together have been known since ancient times, with the most common being the 1-to-4 pattern (where each ring is linked with four others). In Europe, the 1-to-4 pattern was completely dominant.

This suit of mail is linked in a 1-4 pattern.

Other garments made from mail include:

Hauberk - knee length mail shirt
Byrnie - waist length mail shirt
Chausses - mail leggings
Coif - mail hood
Mitons - mail mittens
Aventail - mail collar hanging from a helmet
Standard - mail collar strapped around the neck

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