Cops - Round (knee/elbow)

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This pair of elbow armour or knee cops are rounded and will fit well over a gambeson.

Width: 135mm
Height: 100mm
Approx. Weight: 0.50kg (250 grams each)

Metal Thickness: 1.5mm - 1.8mm ( average 16 gauge)

Starting on the second half of the 13th C. it´s more common to see steel pieces covering elbows and knees. These are perfect for 1250 to 1350.

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Glen Benson
Metal = good, straps = bad Got these to wear on my knees, but the straps were far too short. You'd have to have emu legs for these to work without some longer straps. Still, not too hard to add some longer straps, and once that is done these are great.
Robbie Serafino
Simple and effective These work great on the elbow but not as much on the knee, for the knee you will need to use some padding, on the elbow they are great and as far as training in soft kit they are great. well worth the price and are very strong.

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