Brown Longsword frog baldric

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A long sword needs to be slung low because of it's required draw length. This design allows you to adjust the angle which is best suited to you by positioning the two leather loops along your scabbard.

This sword belt is made of 4mm tough leather with quadruple thickness at the back where belt and sword sling meet. (see images)

The belt strap is 2.5cm wide and is secured by a sturdy metal buckle.
The belt length measures 153cm in length and is adjustable from 102cm - 129cm without the need to add additional holes. There is room to add on an additional 20cm to this measurement if required.

The sword sling is 50cm wide and measures 142cm in length and is adjutable via a removable sword loop with heavy duty metal buckle. The sword loop can be moved from 83cm - 131cm along the belt.

The sword loops are adjustable with leather lacing to fit snuggly around your scabbard.

Baldrics have been used since ancient times. The design offers more support for weight than a standard waist belt, without restricting movement of the arms, and allowing easy access to the object carried. The use of baldrics is traditionally military, but may fill a ceremonial role rather than a practical one. Many non-military or paramilitary organizations include baldrics as part of ceremonial dress.

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