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Heavy Duty Arming Cap with Tie

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Padded & quilted arming cap with tie, designed to be worn underneath helmets.
Popular addition to any helmet intended to be worn.

This arming cap is made fron three layers. Heavy duty canvas-like cotton on the outer, super thick felt in the middle and lighter cotton the inside. The cap is quilted through all 3 layers ensuring a solid, durable cap designed for heavy combat use.

One size fits all.

Great head gear Comfortable, well padded and fits well. Great for all helmets.
It is what it is To think i wore a thick beanie! it does what it says, needs constant washing as it browns with sweat around the edge tho, is perfect with the maille coif on but does take away your hearing, but who wants to hear your enemy scream for mercy, a must have really.
Head on out... Good price, tough, durable, easy on the eye.
This is a must. Any helmet intended to be worn and actualy used can't go wrong with this, it adds comfort and added protection, and it tougher than the other ones.
It looks good on its own, as was the style of the times (just look at manuscripts), and make a maille coif that much easier to wear, though it is a bit rough feeling.
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